‘CandLDream’ the Novel

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“Allways” – Chapter 1

  Thank You for reading. Spoiler alert: It's a Love Story   This novel is based on true events. No critters were harmed in the making of this movie. A Special Thank You to those who read 'CandLDream' the way that it was meant to be read.  Backwards and in first draft.  Even my own … Continue reading “Allways” – Chapter 1

Chapter 4 – Summer Wind

  It is nice to finally be writing this story on a computer instead of a phone.  Thank you Evan. Much can happen in one season.  I am an Autumn.  Which is your favorite? After my breakdown, I needed a whole season to heal.  My psychologist helped me screw my head back on straight, but … Continue reading Chapter 4 – Summer Wind

Ch. 5 & 4 intertwined

The trees around Zforest were seedlings long before Jesus was born. The mountains predate the dinosaurs. Time is already off the chart, nor was it even invented when our Sun was just a pimple. Not a pimple, but a Lotus. How do I draw a lotus flower opening over a season with two dimensional words? … Continue reading Ch. 5 & 4 intertwined

Chapter 6 – ‘Journaling Helps’

4/20/18 Today, Snoop Dogg is Santa. As soon as I write this, it is real. My white Mustang defeated your Dodge Demon. It's all about who is at the wheel. I still had the penny books to my father's coin collection. The steel Pennies from 1943 and the double die observe bronze composite 1936s worth … Continue reading Chapter 6 – ‘Journaling Helps’

Chapter 8 – Reality

Some of Charlie's drug friends still come around.  I finally had to turn one of them away yesterday.  I don't feel good about telling someone no who is only looking for some help, but we don't need that kind of influence around our grandson.  We especially don't want them here when Charlie gets out of … Continue reading Chapter 8 – Reality